Our company, with a long experience in the production of plastics used in packaging products, brings to you the guarantee and maximum safety production through the use of modern technologies and professional staff.


“Bellplast” was founded in 1997. The experience of 19 years has affirmed us in the Albanian market as a company with solid foundations.


The whole process is made using machines of a high technology, which bring thus producing products with a higher quality.


Another important thing in our company is the process of recycling and reusing our waste arising during the manufacturing process.

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Who we are

“Bellplast” company, already affirmed in the Albanian market on the marketing of plastic materials, comes with a variety of products, fulfilling every need of customers. Our goal is to offer quality and we are closer to you, at any supermarket or shop in the country. Professionality and responsibility are our key points that we use to win your faith vs. our company.


The company is profiled in the manufacture of plastic materials such as plastic bags, sacks of various dimensions which find use primarily in packaging products. Also we produce and other products such as shoppers bags that are used in supermarkets and shops as well as plastic coils that are used in agro-farming.